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Find Betsie Studios at a Wholesale Show

We took Betsie Studios to the wholesale tradeshow world in 2023 at NY NOW and gained a ton of new retail partners!

Look for us next in San Francisco at the *Noted+Gifted tradeshow in April of 2024.

Betsie presents an example of her oil paintings and her "why" behind creating greeting cards and tea towels. It's Betsie at her unscripted authentic best!


From Kimberley

Betsie is an incredibly talented artist and her prints are so beautiful! I'm so honored to hang this in our house. I could literally stare at all of the brush marks for hours. Super fast turnaround and a timeless piece that we will treasure forever.

From Jeanne

Such a fun and clever Mother's Day card! It's like giving a little painting away in an envelope.

From Breanna

Fast shipping and fantastic quality! Card stock is nice and heavy. These cards are both beautiful and hilarious! I love them and keep coming back for more!